Who We Are

EcoGreen Technologies Private Limited ("EcoGreen Technologies" or "The Company"] was established in 2003. A thermal management engineering company, EcoGreen Technologies is a one-stop shop for customers Looking for all kinds of thermal... more>>

Our Commitment to You

EcoGreen Technologies is committed to providing the clients with the most efficient thermal design solution and
products. With the latest state-of the-art technology in design and ...

Our Expertise

"With the exponential emergence of new electronic devices in the market, continued research and development to increase thermal management  efficiency of existing electronic products as well as to cater to..." more>>

Why Choose Us


Original Design

  Manufacturer (ODM)

Product design capability

Manufacturing capability -

  Stamping, Extrusion


  CNC Machining,

  Brazing, Soldering, Epoxy

  Bonding, Assembly,

  Anodizing & etc.

Large volume production


RoHS Compliance

PC Board Level Thermal Products

EcoGreen Technologies provides a wide range
of PC Board level thermal products in standard
sizes applicable to different electronic devices... more>>

Thermal Research & Design Capabilities

EcoGreen Technologies provide Thermal Design
Consultation service to our customers. With
our group of experienced engineers and design
simulation software...


RoHS Compliance


BGA & QFP Solutions

BGA & QFP thermal products come in Passive
and Active, light weight with various choices of
attachments and different form of installation... more>>

RoHS Compliance


Standard and customized thermocouples for
life testing and connection of heat device,
thermal product and measuring devices... more>>

RoHS Compliance

Passive and Active Thermal Solution For Microprocessors

A wide range of standard Thermal products
applicable to passive and active cooling of microprocessor are available for customers'
selection... more>>


RoHS Compliance


DC/AC Fans are available in standard sizes at I
EcoGreen Technologies. The fans are tested I
according to various international standard...


RoHS Compliance


Bonded Fins Thermal Solution

Bonded fins solution is one the most effective
solution with about 3 times more effective than
conventional thermal solution in high power
application... more>>

RoHS Compliance

Heating Elements & Steam Boilers

Sunny Heating Elements and Steam Boilers
for the Appliances and Household products are
represented by EcoGreen for International
market... more>>

RoHS Compliance

Heatpipe / Heat Exchanges / Liquid Cooling /
Thermoelectric Module Products

These thermal products are ideal solution
when space is limited, high power and fast
heat dissipation required in the thermal
environment... more>>


Precision Turn Parts / Fasteners / Die-Casting and Other
Electro-Mechanical Products

Standard and customized Precision Fasteners,
Precision Turn Parts, Aluminium & Zinc Die
Casting and other Electro-Mechanical products ...

RoHS Compliance


Accessories Applicable To Thermal Solution

Standard and customized accessories are
available in the application and enhancement
of thermal performance...




And many more products & services.








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01 December 2005

EcoGreen officially launch its second version website www.ecogreens.com.sg to serve better information to the communities. The updated website will contain all information of current products and services with all downloadable brochures, facts and figures.


10 December 2005

EcoGreen would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of users and current customer of EcoGreen. May be thriving years ahead of us.





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